Spokane Facility

Clinical through commercial sterile injectable fill/finish
Jubilant HollisterStier Contract Manufacturing Services - Spokane
Founded : 1921
Location : Spokane, Washington
Focus : Parenteral Contract Manufacturing and Sterile Contract Manufacturing
Facility : 191,000 sq. ft. CBER & CDER registered
Parent Company : Jubilant Pharma
Employees : 550

Contract Manufacturing at Jubilant HollisterStier’s Spokane, Washington facility is located in a 190,000ft2 facility situated on 20 acres in Spokane, WA, USA. With over 550 employees, Jubilant HollisterStier has become recognized globally for our quality and project execution, strong regulatory track record and ability to provide “one-stop-shop” services to customers.

Highly skilled, cross-functional teams provide custom solutions to customer-specific project goals from development through commercialization. Our Spokane facility is designed for multi-product operations and houses 3 separate manufacturing areas that include two commercial high speed fill lines and clinical trial areas. All of our filling lines are integrated into lyophilizers that range in size from 30 ft2 to 375 ft2.

Jubilant HollisterStier Spokane offers multiple options for compounding including aseptic compounding, portable compounding vessels and large fixed compounding tanks. The vial and inspection areas include visual inspection, labeling, Ink Jet coding and secondary packaging.

Onsite, this facility offers a full-service 6,000ft2 laboratory that includes quality analytical testing services with an analytical chemistry department that is staffed by highly-trained, credentialed technicians and scientists. Microbiological support services are also provided.

Our Spokane facility has experience with the following types of products:

  • Vaccines
  • Biological Proteins
  • Liposomes
  • Suspensions
  • WFI/Diluents
  • Lyophilized products

Jubilant HollisterStier does not manufacture penicillin or penicillinontaining products, cephalosporins, live bacterial or live viral vaccines.

Clinical through Commercial Manufacturing

The Jubilant HollisterStier Spokane facility has the unique capability to accommodate products in all stages of development. Manufacturing can occur in one of four different areas:

Commercial High Speed Fill Lines (Small Volume Parenterals)
  • Phase I through Commercial
  • Lot Sizes up to 375,000 vials/day
  • Liquid or Lyophilized products
Clinical Trial
  • Phase I through commercial
  • Liquid or Lyophilized products
  • 2,100 ft2 of production space
  • separation of activities
  • aseptic compounding & filling

Montreal Facility

Jubilant HollisterStier Contract Manufacturing Services - Montreal

Founded : 1983
Location : Montreal, Canada
Focus : Sterile and non-sterile fill/finish
Facility : 275,000 ft2 (25,548 m2)
Parent Company : Jubilant Pharma

Jubilant HollisterStier Contract Manufacturing operates a fully integrated manufacturing facility based in Montreal, Canada. Manufacturing operations include sterile and non-sterile processing, lyophilization, packaging and warehousing capabilities supported by an experienced quality team with on-site laboratories.  The Montreal facility is built on a robust foundation stemming from over 30 years of experience.  Our strategy for success is based on outstanding quality, international regulatory compliance and superior technology transfer capabilities.

Jubilant HollisterStier is diligent with our regard to quality across our facilities and our Montreal site is FDA, EMEA and Health Canada approved.  Routine quality audits for a variety of regulatory agencies and clients have ended in positive results, demonstrating our integrated commitment to vigilance and quality systems.  Our Montreal site offers sophisticated global logistic capabilities, and enjoys strategic partnerships with over twenty companies including emerging and leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Our clients work alongside dedicated project and account managers who understand their technical requirements and expectations.  

Products manufactured at our Montreal site are sold in over 100 countries.  Dosage forms and capabilities include:

Sterile Products

Our facility in Montreal is an FDA-approved sterile contract manufacturing site that offers:

  • Five sterile filling suites for quick change-overs and flexibility
  • Fully automated clean-in-place and sterilize-in place systems
  • Aseptic filling and terminal sterilization providing various manufacturing process capabilities
  • A robotic system on our ointment filling line that minimizes human intervention
  • High speed ophthalmic solution line
Sterile Dosage Form Format
Injectables  ampoules, vials 
Ophthalmic & Otic
Solutions and Suspension 
bottles, tubes
Lyophilized Vials (120 & 254 ft2) vials


The lyophilization suite at our Montreal facility:

  • Integrated into our high speed filling line and robotic loading systems means accelerated freezing time, minimized product degradation and reduced risk of microbial contamination
  • Houses two BOC/Edwards lyophilizers with production capacity of 374 ft2 of freeze-drying shelf space (120 and 254 ft2)
  • Semi-automated inspection of vials for quality assurance

Non-Sterile Products

We also house manufacturing facilities for non-sterile ointments, creams and liquids.  

Non-Sterile Dosage Form Format
Topicals (creams & ointments) jars, tubes 
Liquids (syrups, suspensions & gels) bottles 

The Montreal site offers:

  • A two-story design for the ointment, cream and liquid manufacturing operations
  • Gravity fed filling lines with no mechanical intervention using pharmaceutical grade stainless steel piping
  • Current volume capability ranges from 1,000 – 18,000 liters for liquids and 500-1100 kg for ointments and creams
  • 1,000 liter Giusti homogenizer
  • Metal and plastic tube; jar filling

The team at our Montreal site prides itself on implementing a strategic mix of responsiveness and expertise to provide our clients high quality sterile and non-sterile manufacturing services.