Sterile Injectable Fill/Finish

Sterile Injectable Fill / Finish

Jubilant HollisterStier offers 4 high speed commercial vial filling lines that include:

  • Fully integrated lines
  • Aseptic compounding
  • Diaphragm pump technology
  • Terminal sterilization capabilities
  • Oxygen reduction system
  • 2ml to 100 ml vials

Commercial Sterile Filling- Spokane facility

Jubilant HollisterStier’s Spokane Washington, USA, facility offers two parenteral manufacturing complexes capable of aseptically filling liquid and lyophilized products two commercial high-speed lines (Small Volume Parenterals lines 1 &2) able to aseptically fill liquid and lyophilized pharmaceutical products. The expert engineers at the Spokane facility helped create the state-of-the art technology that is unique to the lyophilization equipment that is integrated to both Small Volume Parenterals lines. The filling process on our lines is integrated from vial washing through capping. Designed for multi-product operations, we take advantage of advances in pharmaceutical technology such as automated non-destructive fill checks and ISO5 oversealing.

Our Spokane facility can accommodate vials from 2ml through 100ml, and batch sizes from 20 to 3,000 liters.

  • Vials from 2mL through 100ml
  • Line speeds up to 400 Vials Per Minute and 375,000 Vials Per Day
  • Integrated from vial washing through capping
  • Designed for multi-product operations
  • Non-destructive fill checks
  • ISO5 oversealing environment
  • Batch sizes from 20 - 3,000 liters

Small Volume Parenterals Specifications- Spokane facility


Commercial Lyophilization- Spokane facility

  • 1,200 combined ft2 of shelf space
  • Automatic CIP and SIP
  • Automatic vial load/unload
  • -45°C cold shelf loading
  • Up to 400 vials/minute
  • Clinical to commercial sized batches
  • 385 ft2, 220 ft2 and 30 ft2 chambers
Vial size Quantity (max per batch for 385 ft2 lyos)
2mL 153,000  
3mL 114,000  
10mL 82,000  
30mL 36,000  
100mL 14,000  

Commercial Sterile Filling- Montreal facility

Our facility in Montreal is an FDA-approved sterile contract manufacturing site that offers the following sterile injectable capabilities:

  • Five sterile filling suites for quick change-overs and flexibility
  • Fully automated clean-in-place and sterilize-in place systems
  • Aseptic filling and terminal sterilization providing various manufacturing process capabilities
Sterile Dosage Form Format
Injectables Ampoules, Vials

Commercial Lyophilization- Montreal facility

The lyophilization suite at our Montreal facility is integrated into our high speed filling line and robotic loading systems means accelerated freezing time, minimized product degradation and reduced risk of microbial contamination.

  • Two BOC/Edwards lyophilizers with production capacity of 374 ft2 of freeze-drying shelf space (120 and 254 ft2)
  • Semi-automated inspection of vials for quality assurance
2 commercial ampoule filling lines include:
  • 5 Cozzoli fillers
  • Aseptic filling
  • Terminal sterilization
  • Low oxygen content products
  • Heat and light sensitive products
  • 1 ml to 10 ml ampoules
  • Automatic particle and pinhole inspection
  • 5 ampoule fillers